Open enrollment for 2019 starts November 1, 2018. At BCBSND, we're here to help you find the right coverage for your budget and lifestyle.

If you have a qualifying life event before open enrollment starts, you may be able to get a health plan now to be covered starting in 2018.


  • Lower premiums with a local North Dakota network
  • Free preventive care including age recommended screenings
  • First dollar coverage and low copays for generic prescriptions
  • Meets health care reform law requirements
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  • A classic, comprehensive health plan
  • Considered by many as "traditional" health insurance, with copayments and a deductible
  • Allows for more predictable health care costs
  • Choose from two deductible options
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  • Use with a health savings account to pay for health care expenses pre-tax
  • Allows you more control over how/when you spend your health care dollars
  • Meets health care reform law requirements
  • Choose from deductible and coinsurance options
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  • Available to individuals under age 30, or those with financial hardships
  • Protects you from financial ruin resulting from a serious accident or illness
  • Meets health care reform law requirements
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  • Health insurance plans and services designed to keep you safe and healthy as you travel the world
  • Comprehensive coverage, including hospitalization, doctor visits and prescriptions
  • Available for single trip, multiple trips, study abroad or extended international stay
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