Fill the Medicare Gaps with Blue Cross Blue Shield of North Dakota Medicare Plans

Medicare Parts A and B provide needed coverage for your hospital and medical expenses, but you may still pay many unpredictable and expensive out-of-pocket costs.

Limited-Time Enrollment Period (Open Now until June 30)
If you're currently a Medicare recipient, it's a perfect time to switch to or enroll in a BCBSND Medicare supplement – without complicated medical underwriting.
If you've thought about changing from another provider to BCBSND, or if you'd like to switch your current plan to one of the other Medicare supplement plans, you're in luck, but you should act now. This special enrollment period ends on June 30. To review your options or enroll, contact a BCBSND agent.

Medicare Supplemental Insurance Comparison

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Coverage Option Plan images
Coverage Option Plan images
Plan F High-Deductible
Coverage Option Plan images
Coverage Option Plan images
Which supplemental benefits do you want?

Medicare Part A coinsurance and hospital costs


Additional days of hospitalization (up to 365 after Medicare benefits are used up)


Medicare Part B coinsurance or copayment


Blood (first 3 pints)


Part A hospice care coinsurance or copayment


Skilled nursing facility care coinsurance


Medicare Part A deductible


Medicare Part B deductible


Medicare Part B excess charges


Foreign travel emergency (up to plan limits)


$2,180 annual deductible


SilverSneakers® health club membership and fitness program


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*After you meet your out-of-pocket yearly limit and Part B deductible, your supplement pays 100% of covered services for the rest of the calendar year.
The rates displayed on this page are based on the preliminary information you provided. The application you submit to Blue Cross Blue Shield of North Dakota, along with other information we may collect, is how we determine your eligibility for coverage and rates in effect at the time coverage is issued.
When and if a policy for you is approved, the actual rates may vary from the rates on this page, based on your specific application and additional information required by BCBSND to complete the application process. BCBSND reserves the right to change rates from time to time.