S2 Episode 7 | May 2022

Hope and Help: Suicide Prevention


Episode notes:

According to the World Health Organization, more than 700,000 people die by suicide every year. As a former sergeant with the California Highway Patrol, Kevin Briggs is more than familiar with these startling statistics. He’s often referred to as the Guardian of the Golden Gate Bridge as he encountered countless individuals during his years of service who went to the bridge with the intent to end their life. In this Be Wellcast episode, Pete Seljevold and Elizabeth Magee talk with Kevin about his work and the lessons he learned talking with those who were contemplating suicide. He discusses the signs to watch for and advice for how to talk with someone you think may be suicidal. In this emotional and eye-opening podcast, he’ll share the realities of the individuals he was able to help and the tragedy for those he couldn’t.

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