Ageless Fitness and rewards to boot

Whether you're 19 or 99, an age-appropriate fitness regimen helps you live your best, most active life. These fitness programs will help accomplish that goal, and they'll reward you for your efforts.

Health Club Credit—Rewards for exercising

Your health care plan may include Health Club Rewards, a monthly incentive program for exercising at participating gyms. Once you enroll and work out 12 days per month, you'll receive 2,700 points ($27 value) which you can redeem for cash gift cards. 

You can manage your health club rewards within HealthyBlue.

Do I have Health Club Credit?

Health Club Credit is included in most individually purchased health plans, and some fully insured and self-funded plans. Ask your employer or call the number on the back of your BCBSND ID card to see if you are eligible.

Your spouse may also be eligible if insured on your plan. 

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  1. Find a participating health club in North Dakota.
  2. Complete the online enrollment form at Paper enrollment forms may also be available on site at your health club.
  3. Complete the Wellness Authorization found in HealthyBlue.

Instructions for completing the Wellness Authorization

Step 1:

Visit and click Register.

Wellness Authorization Instructions Step 1 screenshot

Step 2:

Complete Registration on your BCBSND Member Portal.

Wellness Authorization Instructions Step 2 screenshot

Step 3:

Click the “HealthyBlue Home” link that appears on your member dashboard.

Wellness Authorization Instructions Step 3 screenshot

Step 4:

You have reached your HealthyBlue registration page. Continue to the next few pages to customize your HealthyBlue Experience.

Wellness Authorization Instructions Step 4 screenshot

Step 5:

Read through your Annual Wellness Authorization and click the “Submit Response” button. The “Agree” box must be selected to participate in BCBSND wellness programs.

  • Once you submit your authorization, you will be taken to your personalized HealthyBlue dashboard.
  • This wellness authorization resets every year on January 1.
Wellness Authorization Instructions Step 5 screenshot

SilverSneakers—A fitness program for seniors

Silver Sneakers

Enrolled in a BCBSND Medicare supplement plan? SilverSneakers is a benefit added at no charge. Designed to keep you fit, active and connecting with others, SilverSneakers offers:

  • Fitness classes designed specifically for people age 65+
  • 16,000+ participating fitness locations
  • On-demand classes, workout plans and how-to videos
  • Helpful articles on fitness, safety, nutrition and more

Learn more about SilverSneakers:
Visit the SilverSneakers website or call 866-584-7389.

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Stop by your closest fitness location or go online to check your eligibility and print your SilverSneakers card.